Would you like to vacation regularly at St Lucia’s finest all inclusive resort?

Would you like to vacation regularly at St Lucia‘s finest resort while saving thousands of dollars? Vacation ownership in St Lucia is a concept whose time has come. Five or ten years ago, investors seeking ownership in vacation destinations might look at a Colorado ski condominium, or a Florida high rise, or even a Caribbean villa. But, the capital outlay is substantial, and maintenance and upkeep are also costly. Conversations with vacation property brokers tell us that there has been a dramatic shift in the marketplace. The savvy investor is now looking to vacation ownership as the practical alternative to the problems of full fledged property ownership.

Originally known as time sharing, vacation ownership has significantly advanced since its introduction. Unfortunately, many still think of strong armed sales tactics at second rate destinations when they think of time shares, and such practices and places still exist. But, the positive advantages of limited ownership are catching on at upscale destinations around the world among well to do clientele.

The management of Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort has marketed vacation ownership weeks in one bedroom suites with limited sales of one and two bedroom villas. They have sold like hotcakes. The private owners of Soleil Couche, a spacious three bedroom villa that is part of the resort, are now marketing vacation ownership weeks directly to the public at rates considerably less than the prices offered by the resort. For full list of St Lucia all inclusive resorts go to luxury-resort-guide.com. Pricing depends upon season. The Soleil Couche prices are based upon the normal resort rental rate (including tax and service charge) for four years. In other words, if you rented a week at the resort from one year to the next, in four years you would have paid the full purchase price of a perpetual week of vacation ownership at Soleil Couche!

May the purchase be financed or must we pay cash? Yes, the purchase may be financed. There are several options. The first is to pay 1/12 the purchase price in monthly credit card debits for one year. No interest will be charged by us. Or, you may obtain financing from your regular lender. Or, you may finance with us (call or email for details).

Will there be annual maintenance charges? Yes. The maintenance is pursuant to a contract with the resort and includes maid service and allows full access to resort amenities and services. As a villa owner, you will be perpetually treated as a guest of the finest resort on the island.